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Volvo Faceplate ID:  HU-555
Factory(OEM) Volvo
Radio and CD Player
Original VOLVO Radio and CD
=>  Like NEW Condition
45 Day Warranty!
=> Bench Tested, in 100% working condition!
=> Buttons, illumination, knobs, LCD and all work
=> Plays burnt CDs!
=> Comes with security code

Faceplate ID: HU-555

Will fit and work in:
2001 - 2004 S40 and V40
(and many more)

This is a Genuine VOLVO part, built by VOLVO.
Your fine
VOLVO automobile is no place for flashy
after market products.  This radio was designed to
blend with your. Interior, both visually and sonically.  It
looks and feels right.

Fully Tested and Adjusted
FM reception, stereo decoding, and frequencies
tested. AM reception and crosstalk specifications
adjusted. Speaker
amplifier circuits tested at max power output.

Ready to Plug n Play
You should be able to simply unplug your old one and
plug this one in to the factory wiring. If your car no
longer has its original wiring plugs, we may be able
to find some for you.
Price $165
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Shipping to:
USA $15 Canada $20